Our clients benefit from our extensive knowledge & experience in investment registrar and our unwavering drive to make them succeed. They can expect that we will provide the best advice and the best service we can provide.

We have many years experience in dealing with IPO’s and more recently since 2012 assisting companies with the launch of their ICO’s. Today companies find it easier and more fluid to go through this avenue for a multitude of reasons; Lower transaction costs, Round-the-clock trading, Faster settlements, Immutable and public audit trail and having an international reach.

Corporate Records

Reliance Global Limited transfer can provide secure records and reports, such as, shareholder lists and mailings, percentage lists , backdated lists, transaction reports, certificate reports, certificate history reports, and more.

Stock Certificate Issuance

Reliance Global Limited transfer agency can issue, register, retire and cancel all stock certificates. As a full service stock transfer, we can process all legal stock and bond transfers. We can replace all lost or stolen securities, track and report lost or stolen securities.

Corporate Actions

Reliance Global Limited transfer’s corporate actions department can quickly process your forward stock split reverse stock splits, rights offerings tender offers, redemption, mergers, conversions, exchange offers, rights offerings , Odd-Lot Buy / Backs, dutch auctions, subscriptions, name changes and Corporate Reorganizations, and other corporate actions.

Other Services

Transfer of Shares of Stock

For the procedures for the transfer of Shares of Stock from a deceased stockholder to his/her/ heir(s), please contact us for further information

IPO Services

A successful IPO requires through pre-offering planning and precise, careful execution. From establishing timing, to assembling your management team, to preparing your financials for audit, to working with your underwriters, to understanding SEC registration requirements, you can depend on our IPO experts as experienced guides, leading you through the ever-complex IPO process.

Stock Certificate Printing

Reliance Global Limited provides stock certificate and financial printing services. We offer a a complete selection of designs and colors and even allow you to add your corporate logo to your certificate.


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